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Our Vision… Providing breakthrough and sustainable ingredient alternatives and product formulations to improve the taste, texture, stability, and health profile of everyday foods and confections.

Our Passion... creating healthful products that people truly enjoy... foods that are low in saturated fat and sugar, trans fat free and fortified with antioxidants and fiber missing in the average diet.

Our Innovations… applications benefitting from improved taste, improved texture, improved health characteristics:
  • chocolate coatings
  • soft baked goods
  • cookies & crackers
  • toppings
  • fillings
  • margarine
  • peanut butter
  • drink powders
  • processed meats
  • supplements/ medications
  • icings
  • caramel
  • soft & hard chews
  • dressings
  • ice cream

Antioxidant Superfoods, Inc. Technologies:

Provide Benefits Important to Today's Consumer:

• Reduce fat up to 97%
• Eliminate Trans Fat
• Reduce sugar usage
• Improve food taste, texture and nutrition

Are Protected with multiple Patent Filings for both formulation and methods of manufacture.

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