Chocolate Confections Platform

Chocolate Technologies
  • Proprietary platform for Dark, Milk, and White Chocolate can be used in ice cream and ice cream confections
  • Up to 40% less saturated fat, up to 30% less sugar while maintaining rich and creamy full fat and sugar taste
  • Reduces total product cost in most applications
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Key Benefits
Chocolate (Dark and Milk)
Balance of dietary fats via proprietary ELAN Technology™
- Up to a 50% reduction in Dark Chocolate

- Up to a 75% reduction in milk fat in Milk Chocolate

Antioxidants preserved and bitterness removed
- No Dutching process

- No added milk

Better taste and mouth feel
- 93% preferred AOS vs. Lindt in a blind test (70% cocoa)
Can add fiber for additional health benefits
Form Flexible
- Chocolate bars (e.g. 70% to 80% Dark Chocolate bars)

- Nutrition/Meal/Diet bars

- As a coating or filling

- With fillings (such as caramel, peanut butter, fruit, etc.)

- Drinks

Similar benefits for caramel and peanut butter

70% Cocoa Chocolate: Comsumer Preference Test
AOS vs. Market Leader

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