Elan™ Fat Substitute Platform

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Elan™ is a Unique Fat Reducing Emulsion
  • Elan™ fat replacement can substantially reduce the amount of Saturated Fat, Partially and Fully Hydrogenated Fat and Trans Fat in essentially any processed food that contains such fats. Fat reduction ranges from 20%-98%, depending on product matrix and client targets.
  • Elan™ utilizes healthy all GRAS ingredients, including non-hydrogenated, mono and polyunsaturated fats, edible fibers, natural vegetable glycerin, water, and other hydrocolloids. It can be produced with viscosities from pourable to hard at room temperature.
  • Elan™ provides excellent rheological and organoleptic characteristics, which are comparable or superior to the unhealthy fats replaced.
  • Elan™ exhibits melt point flexibility and long shelf life.
  • Replacement or reduction of unhealthy fats using Elan™ offers potential ingredient cost savings in most applications.
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  • Wide Range of Viscosities
  • From Pourable to Hard - Similar to Palm Oil
  • Make shortening using almost any edible oil
  • Add beneficial dietary fiber to food systems without sacrificing taste
  • Lower Fat Content Within Foods by up to 98%
  • Remaining fat can be Omega 3 – 6
  • Lower Sugar Content in Foods by up to 25% with Parity in Taste
  • Replaces Hardened Fats (Palm Oil, Palm Kernel Oil, Shortening, Hydrogenated Fats, Trans Fat)
  • Can Replace Cream and Milk Fat
  • Low moisture content allows use in chocolate, peanut butter and other moisture adverse food systems.


  • Highly flexible emulsion system to meet a broad range of requirements, including: Viscosity, Water content, Mouth feel, Fat reduction and Fiber enhancement.
  • Key ingredients used in emulsions:
- Water .......................... Up to 60%

- Glycerin*..................... Up to 60%

- Soft oil ......................... Up to 40%

- Fiber/ Inulin* ...............Up to 60%

- Starch ......................... Up to 40%

- Protein ........................ Up to 20%

Other nutritive ingredients can also be included in the emulsion.


Glycerin and oil concentrations vary depending on viscosity needed for a specific application

1. Glycerin based
2. Water based
3. Combination

Pourable AOS Fat Replacement Emulsion
Benefits Include:

  • 8% Fat Content
  • Can Replace 100% of Fat Content in Formulas such as biscuits/crackers
  • Less than 8% fat Saturated
  • 20% Dietary Fiber
  • Sweet taste can help displace sugar
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AOS Hardened Fat Replacement Emulsion
Benefits Include:

  • 2.5% Fat Content
  • Can Replace 100% Fat Content
  • 50% Dietary Fiber
  • Rich in Healthy Oils
  • Sweet taste can displace sugar
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AOS Shortening Emulsion
Benefits Include:

  • 5% Fat Content
  • Can Replace 100% Fat Content
  • 20% Dietary Fiber
  • Rich in Healthy Oils
  • Sweet taste can displace sugar
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* Note: Both High Saturated Fat Oils and Mono and Polyunsaturated Oils are often hydrogenated or partially hydrogenated to mimic the properties of harder fats. Partial hydrogenation of otherwise healthy mono and polyunsaturated oils to create more viscosity, (to mimic harder fats) produces Trans Fatty Acids as a byproduct and these have been found to be as unhealthy as the saturated fats replaced. (The American Heart Association reports that ¾ of unhealthy Trans Fats consumed by Americans comes from partially hydrogenated oils).
Elan Fat Substitue Technology is NEW, NOVEL and PROTECTED
Elan represents a genuine breakthrough vs. other patented fat technologies:
  • Hydrogenation
  • Silicon Dioxide
  • Interesterfied
  • Cyclodextrin
  • AOS fat emulsion technology (a new, novel process with unique health benefits)
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