Flavor Masking

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Elan Emulsions may be used to mask unpleasant tasting health and wellness actives by agglomerating actives and may be combined with flavors, sweeteners, and food acids to further mask their taste.
Unpalatable active ingredients such as docusate sodium, glucosamine and chondroitin, amoxicillin, prenatal vitamins, etc. can be delivered in a palatable fat emulsion in a range of forms including: liquid, soft or hard chew, or a powder that can be dissolved in water, milk, juice, etc.

Elan emulsions may be used to make a wide range of functional foods, which can deliver therapeutic levels of actives. Examples include, but are not limited to, granola bars, cereal bars, cereal clusters, baked goods such as brownies, cookies, muffins, snack bars, gummies, chews, or any other unit dosing format of food that can make use of the fat emulsion to deliver therapeutic levels of pharmaceuticals, nutraceuticals, herbs, medicines, vitamins or any other unpleasant tasting ingredient.

Elan offers a wide range of fat emulsions, which deliver low fat content (down to 0.3% fat), and high dietary fiber content (up to 70%) while offering the physical and organoleptic characteristics of higher fat emulsions or fat. These fat emulsions are superior to known fat emulsions with respect to the ability to agglomerate and mask unpalatable actives.
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