Meal Replacement / Weight Loss

Proprietary Weight Loss Program
  • A daily regimen of eating three to five, 9-gram portions of the product over the course of the day serves as a weight loss aid.
    • Reduces food craving and suppresses the appetite.
    • Balances/stabilizes blood sugar levels so that one does not experience energy highs and lows through out the day.
    • Improves metabolism and provides Increased energy levels. This tends to makepeople more active so they naturally burn more calories.
    • People loose weight by simply eating less based on a reduced craving for food and a healthy boost in energy.
    • No lifestyle changes are required for success with the Program.
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Primary Ingredients

1) Dark Chocolate with 33% less Sat Fat than other brands Theobromine, found in Dark Chocolate is a natural appetite suppressant. It releases dopamine in the body, which helps satisfy food cravings.

2) Acai Oil, with C3G, Natures most powerful antioxidant Acai help’s balance blood sugar levels.

3) Virgin Coconut Oil
Contains medium chain fatty acids that give the body a boost of energy. Virgin Coconut Oil has been proven to increase metabolism to help individuals lose weight.

4) Blackberry Powder
Blackberry Powder is one of the world’s best sources for the powerful anti oxidant C3G. C3G improves the efficiency of Leptin levels in the body.Leptin signals the Hypothalamus that it is unnecessary to retain fat once levels are maintained over a period of time.
In addition to appetite control/weight loss the product offers significant health benefits.
  • 70% Cocao dark chocolate has a low glycemic index and studies show that it improves insulin sensitivity and provides cardiovascular health benefits.
    • 70% Cocao dark chocolate is proven to lower bad LDL cholesterol.
    • Cancer prevention claims for antioxidants abound in the popular press.
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